News from the BRBC Cellars

Here at the BRBC we’ve been hard at work getting our investors’ package together, finalizing the Biz Plan, and dialing in the legal side of things. But that doesn’t mean we’ve neglected the brewing! At the moment we’re brewing some beers in order to tweak or refine the recipes, we’re making others to experiment with a different style, and – most importantly – we’re brewing even more of our established beers to share with our private investors.

This past weekend alone the BRBC team brewed three different beers: Jack tried out a new Pale Ale recipe, Jed took on the job of refining our Double IPA, and Head Brewer Jake whipped up a batch of our Sluice Box Blonde. We squeezed all of these into the collective BRBC cellar, and they’re now happily fermenting away next to our other recent brews, including our Frontiersman IPA, a Milk Stout, an ESB (Extra Special Bitter), and an Amber. Good thing we’ve just freed up a few kegs by bottling off fresh batches of a dry-hopped Pale Ale, a Vienna Lager, and our Cabin Fever Porter.

Given that Jake is going to brew our Bearpaw River Lager this weekend, and the weekend after next he will brew a Russian Imperial Stout, which we will age for about six months in a bourbon barrel, one thing is certain: we hope our investors are thirsty!