Location Location Location

It’s official: the Bearpaw River Brewing company is setting up shop on the Palmer-Wasilla Highway! We’ll be at 4605 E. Palmer-Wasilla Highway, to be exact. Think of the giant silo on the side of the road. That’s right next door. Think of the Schwabenhof. That’s nearby too. We’re one minute from Seward Meridian, four minutes from Wasilla, and nine minutes from Palmer. Planning a trans-Alaska brewery tour? From the Silver Gulch brewery in Fox, or HooDoo Brewing in Fairbanks, you could probably drive it in around 345 minutes, which is about three quarters of an hour longer than if you were coming up from the tasting room at the Homer Brewing Company.

Location aside, the building is ideal for a brewery. It has a large, high-ceiling production area in the back, and we already have plans for where we will place our Brewhouse, fermenters, and cold storage. Up front, it has a long, spacious room with windows facing the highway, a perfect space in which to one day pour cold pints of BRBC brew. This is where, in the coming months, we will build an awesome community taproom, where fellow Alaskans can come in for a drink, a chance to meet with friends, and to fill growlers and kegs. It will have lots of seating inside and lots of parking outfront. Most importantly, it will serve fresh BRBC beer direct from its source.