Global Stainless

Here at the BRBC we’ve had some major developments over the past few weeks. We’ve moved into a new location on the Palmer-Wasilla Highway, we’ve begun work with a local graphic designer, and we’ve started up a new Facebook page. Not least among these major milestones, however, is our purchase of a new brewing system!

This thing is awesome. It’s a 10-barrel brewhouse built by the American craftsmen who make up Global Stainless Systems, a manufacturer out of Oregon. It’s a dream of a system for us. Not only is it a great work of American-born stainless-steel engineering, but it also includes several upgrades we did not expect to get when we started looking at the market a little over a year ago.

First, it has rakes in the Mash Tun. But what do these do? Well, they help with the consistent distribution of grain, and a Mash Tun with rakes will give us more flexibility to brew different styles and recipes than a simple infusion Mash Tun.

Second, it comes with a Hop Back. These are nifty little things! A Hop Back is essentially a small stainless steel tank designed to hold whole-leaf hops. The unfermented beer coming out of the kettle will be showered over these hops and filtered out of the bottom before it is passed through the heat exchanger and transferred to the cellar for fermentation. It’s a technique that maximizes hop aroma, and we’ll use it for our more hop-forward beers, especially our Frontiersman IPA.

Third, it has touchscreen controls. And how neat is that? Well, that’s pretty neat! Just one more cool feature of our amazing new brewing system.