Big Wheels Keep On Turning: Food Truck Season Is Here!

Foodies, start your engines. Spring has finally arrived, and that means Food Truck Season is revving up. Our food trucks are like drive-thrus in reverse, except the food is fresh, wholesome, and delicious, and the various trucks offer a huge range of culinary delights to amuse your bouche. They're also run by down-to-earth local small business owners not bent on global domination. Okay, I guess they have nothing in common with the fast food industry.

Except that, well, they're still pretty darn fast. 

Oh, and I guess another difference is that you can find these food trucks parked next to Bearpaw River Brewing Company at 4605 E. Palmer-Wasilla Highway. So that's a pretty major advantage. To wit, you can get fresh, tasty food to complement fresh, tasty craft beer. 

We have several trucks lined up to come regularly Wednesday through Saturday all summer long, so check us out on social media for regular deets and updates. M'kay? 

So here's the roster, with a few photos to give you a little taste of what's in store down at the brewery. 

Alaska Firelight, inc., who serve up lots of fresh, locally and responsibly sourced food, but mainly tacos and tots. Loads of tots.

JR'Smoken Chicken, who specialize in home-smoked and fried chicken. But have you tried their Poutine? Oh my goodness.

The Lead Dog, who bring amazingly tasty reindeer sausages. Who doesn't like a hot dog with their beer? Nobody, obv.

Sugarhouse Waffles, who make yummy sweet waffles. Nuff said.

Bear Naked BBQ, who know how to barbecue like it's nobody's business. We can barely contain ourselves.